SP Nutra transforms discoveries into products.



Product Development

SP Nutra transforms discovery of novel nutraceuticals into products.

The road from discovery to consumable product is a long and complicated one.  Product discovery takes years of research, developing and running screens, validating results and publishing in peer reviewed papers.  SP Nutra takes discovery of a novel nutraceutical and develops it through patent protection, preclinical studies and human clinical trials, regulatory approvals and product development.

In order to develop a discovery into a tangible product SP Nutra works closely with the scientists involved in discovery in order to achieve the most efficacious formulation, testing for solubility, absorption and bioavailability.  Once all of these factors have been finalized, we measure for efficacious dose in humans.

We work with Health Canada, regulatory consultants, scientists as well as medical doctors specializing in the particular disease in order to ensure our products deliver the best nutraceutical possible.