SP Nutra uses a high throughput screening technology to analyze how food and plant molecules effect various diseases. The result is novel nutraceuticals which have been proven to treat specific diseases.

Product Discovery

SP Nutra’s discovery of naturally derived active compounds that can treat or prevent disease starts with renowned scientists, doctors and researchers in Canadian universities and hospitals.

SP Nutra was created as a result of the discoveries that originated from Dr. Paul Spagnuolo who developed a unique high throughput screening method for natural compounds that can be tested against various diseases.  This type of screening method was traditionally only used in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The belief in the power of nature sparked an interest in taking a deeper look at the molecules in food and plants.  We have barely touched the surface of understanding naturally derived compounds and how they can treat or prevent disease in humans.  There were uses of naturally derived compounds beyond what we know today from traditional uses.

SP Nutra is dedicated to unlocking this untapped knowledge and developing products that can help improve the lives and health of people in a less harmful, more natural way.