Weight Loss & Diabetes

AvoB - The Powerful Molecule found in Avocados


Weight Loss/Diabetes

We all agree that avocados are both delicious and good for us.  Dr. Paul Spagnuolo has spent the better part of 10 years figuring out why, what exactly in the avocado is so good for us?   After many years, he found it – AvoB.

At first, Dr. Paul Spagnuolo studies led him to the seed of the avocado to find the highest concentration of this miracle molecule but after years of developing a method of detection, he found that AvoB was also in the flesh or pulp of the avocado.  Unfortunately, you can’t eat enough avocados to get the amount of AvoB you need to have real effect on your body.  But have no fear, SP Nutra has figured out the standardized dose, the best method of delivery and created a product you can consume. Dr. Spagnuolo’s first publications were all about AvoB’s amazing ability to target and kill leukemia stem cells while not killing off healthy cells.   This research stands true today and we hope a pharmaceutical company develops it into the cancer treatment that it deserves to be.

In the meantime, Dr. Spagnuolo and his team continued to develop AvoB, figuring out what else it does in the body and voila, they discovered that the same mechanism of action delays the onset of insulin resistance in at risk individuals and helps obese individuals lose weight, naturally.