Business Model

SP Nutraceuticals Inc. (“SP Nutra”) is a nutraceutical company that creates scientifically proven nutraceuticals that treat specific diseases. 


Business Model

Our products are discovered and developed in partnership with leading scientific researchers in Canada.  SP Nutra takes molecules discovered to have therapeutic effects and develops them through patent protection, regulatory approval and clinical trials.  Our commitment is to high quality products with proven efficacy.

The Market

Globally, nutraceutical consumers are opting for natural nutraceutical ingredients as they believe the bioavailability of these ingredients is higher while the risk of side effects is significantly lower.

The global market is currently experiencing a period of growth post-recession. Even after the effect of the recession fades, the market is likely to remain in a growth phase and be driven by emerging nutraceutical markets such as India, China and Brazil, with China likely to become the world’s largest nutraceutical market by 2030.

Source: BCC Research

Nutraceutical Ingredients

Customization and personalization is the need of the hour for nutraceuticals, specifically in developed markets such as the U.S. and E.U. However, while complete personalization (based on genetic profile) is a long way away, companies are looking at new and innovative ingredients and/or delivery mechanisms to suit specific target groups.

Source: Market and Markets

Discover Develop Deliver


SP Nutra has developed two products:

Kidney Stone Treatment            

  • Use patent obtained
  • Phase I Clinical Trial Approved 
  • No effective treatments available


Weight Management/Diabetes

  • Only known method of detection and quantification
  • Phase I Clinical Trial completed
  • Few effective treatments in one of the largest markets