Combining the power of avocados and science to support healthy metabolism

About Metavo

Metavo is a natural supplement that contains AvoB, a powerful bioactive naturally found in avocados that helps promote good health.

Each lot of avocado powder used to formulate Metavo is tested to ensure a standardized dose of AvoB.

One serving of Metavo a day offers just the right amount of AvoB to support a healthy metabolism, blood sugar levels and weight in adults.

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Discovery of AvoB

The research team at the University of Guelph discovered AvoB, a powerful bioactive molecule found in avocados which targets insulin resistance. SP Nutraceuticals has taken this discovery and developed it further through regulatory approval, product formulation, stability and analytical testing and created a product, Metavo, that can help people with this condition.

Researchers led by Associate Professor Paul Spagnuolo have shown how a compound found only in avocados can inhibit cellular processes that normally lead to diabetes. In safety testing in humans, the team also found that the substance was absorbed into the blood with no adverse effects on the kidney, liver or muscle.

How Does Metavo Work?

AvoB, a fat molecule found only in avocados, counters incomplete oxidation in skeletal muscle and the pancreas to reduce insulin resistance.

AvoB has the incredible ability/potential to rebalance blood sugar levels naturally, effectively and safely. AvoB can target sugar metabolism at the cellular level, help attack fats and elevated sugar levels to help maintain (and regulate) naturally healthy blood sugar levels.

As many people often ask us, will eating avocados have the same effect?  Eating avocados alone would likely be ineffective, as the amount of natural AvoB varies widely in the fruit and we still do not fully understand exactly how AvoB is digested and absorbed when we consume a whole avocado. We continue to encourage eating avocados as part of a healthy diet, especially for those who require low carb/sugar foods.

Although avocados have been touted as a weight-loss food, more study is needed. A healthy diet and exercise are recommended to prevent metabolic disorders leading to obesity or diabetes.


Avocatin B Protects Against Lipotoxicity and Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Diet‐Induced Obesity