Turning Discoveries Into Products.

Our Mechanism of Action 



What We Do

SP Nutra takes scientific discovery and transforms it into consumable products that can treat disease.  The nutraceuticals developed by SP Nutra are novel, meaning before our scientists got to these molecules or compounds, no one knew how they treated or targeted a specific disease.

Just like willow bark had been used for centuries as a pain reliever, it was not until scientists investigated why that the active ingredient, salicin, was discovered to be the reason for relieving pain. That active was further developed by pharmaceutical companies that today bring you it's more commonly known product name, aspirin.

Our process starts with a natural extract from a food or plant which is broken down into all of its individual molecular parts.  Next, we screen these individual molecules to see if they have an effect on a specific disease.  If one or more do, we spend years figuring out why and how.  The result is a deep understanding of the mechanism of action, how a specific molecule found in a natural extract works in the body, what it targets and why.  From this knowledge, we continue development through in vivo and in vitro models, preclinical studies and human clinical trials.  Our products are created with a deep understanding of efficacious dose, solubility, best methods of delivery and bioavailability.